• ECO. Little Calm & Focus Trio
  • ECO. Little Calm & Focus Trio
  • ECO. Little Calm & Focus Trio

ECO. Little Calm & Focus Trio

  • $35.00


A selection of pure essential oil blends specifically developed to naturally help sleep, relax and stay focused. Turn your evening into a beautiful ritual with your kids by diffusing your favourite blend during your chosen activity. Whether you are looking to help your little ones unwind, get a better sleep or promote concentration during homework, essential oils can assist in creating a natural and supportive environment. These blends are suitable for children aged 2 years and older.

Includes: ECO. Little Lullaby blend, ECO. Little Peaceful blend, ECO. Little Study Time blend

Size: 3 x 10ml / 3x 0.3fl.oz


    • Sedative and soothing.
    • Calming and restoring.
    • Mood enhancing.
    How to use:


    • Diffuser: Diffuse 5 drops for up to 30 minutes at a time to encourage concentration, alertness and to calm the mind.
    • Topically: Use a 1% dilution. Mix 1 drop with 5ml of carrier oil and apply to your child's wrists, arms and/or back of the neck. Suitable for massage.

    Note: Always patch test first. Study Time blend is not suitable for use in the bath. Citrus essential oils may cause photosensitivity. Avoid sunlight after topical application.