• KIN KIN Dish wash Liquid Ultra Concentrate Lime Eucalyptus - 550ml

KIN KIN Dish wash Liquid Ultra Concentrate Lime Eucalyptus - 550ml

  • $7.95

This ultra concentrated, long lasting, dishwashing liquid uses the grease cutting power of natural lime and eucalyptus essential oils. Sourced from the quaint hinterland town of Kin Kin, Queeensland, about 40 minutes from Noosa. Created by a clever family man, Felix, who had many years working for Unilever on major cleaning brands. He has now used his expertise to perfect, beautiful botanical, chemical free alternatives. No chemical nasties like sodium lauryl sulphate. It has excellent foaming power, smells gorgeous and cleans brilliantly. An all natural, biodegradable, grey water safe, skin friendly, little gem for under your kitchen sink.

"Formulated with care to leave no traces behind, we believe our products are the most garden & greywater and septic-friendly products in Australia. If we don't trust an ingredient with our own children's skin or our own backyard, then we don't use it. That's because we're a family - not a big anonymous company." --Felix - KIN KIN

Ingredients - coconut-based anionic & non-ionic surfactants (NO alcohol ethoxylate,  LAS or SLS), rain water, potassium citrate, glycerine, blue gardenia extract, lime essential oil, organic eucalypt essential oil.